Day 4: One Day More!

18 Apr

Another day another destiny!

(This never-ending road to Calvary…)



Thank you all SO much for the cash infusions tonight.

I am muchly revived and now I can press on!

* * *

Keep up people. Bacon fried rice is so yesterday (or more accurately, so 3 days ago).

Tonight’s preview:

We – the royal ‘we’, who liveth on the poverty line – have diversified.

…to this.



Frying pancakes using rendered bacon fat (to save on cooking oil) = bad outcome. Baaad. Outcome.

* * *

While ‘we’ playeth the same soundtrack:

"On my own"

Thanks to everyone’s generosity, I no longer feel like Éponine. On My Own no more!


One Response to “Day 4: One Day More!”

  1. harri8here April 19, 2013 at 6:03 am #

    My condolences to the frying pan, R.I.P.
    What an amazing amount to have raised, SO FAR … fantastic, Jo.

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