Day 3: Four Degrees of Kevin Bacon

18 Apr

Last Wednesday – breakfast: 

Nespresso (2 shots) & 100ml milk – 2(0.33) + 0.08 = 0.74

1 supermarket banana – 0.14


This Wednesday – breakfast:  

6g instant coffee + 100ml milk – 0.12 + 0.09 = 0.21

1 Brick Lane banana – 0.07


Last Monday Wednesday (typo!) – lunch:


Ramen – 9.90

Back home:

1 packet Vitasoy Malted (MALTED SOY MILK! Revelation of revelations!) – 0.42

1 blood orange – 0.50

1 green tea – 0.03


This Wednesday – lunch: 

Bacon ragu etc & 1 portion mixed veg & rice – 0.30 + 0.08 + 0.04 =  0.42

1 Brick Lane apple – 0.08 (but then I forgot to eat it, so -0.08)

Tap water – 0.00


Last Wednesday – dinner (out again):

Seafood crispy noodle & half bottle Tsingtao – 9.90


This Wednesday – dinner: 

‘Pea & ham’ soup

‘Pea soup’ recipe:

Make Mystery Stock by deglazing the pan used to cook up tomorrow night’s Mystery Dish, as one cannot afford a stock cube or more oil.

Cook 2 portions veg in it. Simmer for 15 minutes.

Blend it all up.

‘Pea soup’ – Mystery Stock + 2 portions veg = 0.00 + 0.15 = 0.15

Zooey Deschanel! To distract you from the resemblance between my dinner and _____ [insert blank for whatever comes to mind first - that's the one].

Zooey Deschanel! To distract you from the resemblance between my ‘pea soup’ and _____ [insert blank for whatever comes to mind first – that’s the one].

‘Ham’ – approx 75g bacon (wet weight), grilled to a dry weight of approx 20g = 0.12

Rice – 0.04

Tap water – 0.00


Total spend last Wednesday = £21.63

Total spend this Wednesday = £1.01


Exhibit B: see the brown marks of burnt fat around the perimeter of the bacon? That would be the original size of each slice pre-grilling.

Check this out… I have inadvertently restaged, in my kitchen, the best ad ever – featuring The Kevin Bacons, Sainsbury’s basics version.

Clockwise from top: A Few Good Men Bacon, Apollo 13 Bacon, Footloose Bacon, Friday the 13th Bacon (it looks like he is in two pieces, but it is in fact only one Bacon with an iron arrow through his chest, like the photo below:)


For the benefit of the uninitiated.

‘A Few Good Men’ Bacon: All right Bacons listen up! I declare this meeting of the Film Club officially open. Now. What release shall we download from the EE film store this week?

Apollo 13 Bacon: I dunno. How about some Sci-Fi?

Friday the 13th Bacon: Eughh…

AFGM Bacon: Friday the 13th! What is your problem with Sci-Fi?


Ft13 Bacon: Less CGI, man. I like my special effects old school. [clinks tip of arrow]

AFGM Bacon: Good point. Footloose! Any suggestions?

Footloose Bacon: I just wanna dance!

AFGM Bacon: OBJECTION! A Few Good Men Bacon does NOT dance! It’s girly.

[blah blah blah…superheroes]

AFGM Bacon: Superheroes. I can do superheroes. I’m a hero myself. There I was. Deep behind enemy lines…

Footloose Bacon: Was not.

AFGM Bacon: Was too.

Footloose Bacon: Was not.

AFGM Bacon: Was too.

Footloose Bacon: Was NOT!


A13 Bacon: ….that’s not even his line.

Ft13 Bacon: ….I know right?! 


3 Responses to “Day 3: Four Degrees of Kevin Bacon”

  1. sukhdip April 18, 2013 at 7:12 pm #

    hahaha, genius that you tied it into the kevin bacons.
    whenever i hear kevin bacon, i remember this, which I’m sure you have probably seen:

    20 years ago we had johnny cash, bob hope and steve jobs.
    today we have no cash, no hope, and no jobs.
    Don’t let kevin bacon die!

  2. harri8here April 19, 2013 at 6:00 am #

    Brilliant Kevin Bacons!:)
    Not so brilliant The Shrinking Bacons :-0

  3. Vinoth April 19, 2013 at 8:32 am #

    some serious calculations have gone into this to figure out minute amounts!

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