Day 1: The Day with No Beginning, No End, And No Middle

15 Apr

The Challenge didn’t get off to the best of starts.

After I had my 3rd dinner at 11.58pm last night (Being Prepared – the only thing I took away from my failed career in Girl Guiding) I was stricken by a terrible realisation.

If I was going to eat any lunch the next day I was going to have to make it there and then. 

Not so Prepared after all.

Cue mad scramble to cook rice from scratch then fry it all up at 12.30am on a schoolnight. All soggy still, but whatevs, needs must.

Guan: Have you lost your mind?!

Jo: Shush. [Continues washing Basics-bacon-scented hair before bed]

After all of that, this morning I left my packed lunch in the fridge and had to go back and get it. Duh. Not one meal into the challenge and already in a major mind-fug…

Then it was fine. I made it through the day. I made it! Discernibly in one piece. Can’t say the same for the bacon. Each rasher disintegrated into several shards on contact with a fork. No wonder it is £1.09… But it tasted ok, yo. Don’t mess.


Right. As promised: a head-to-head comparison of F&B logs from this Monday vs last Monday 8 April 2013.


Last Monday – breakfast: 

Nespresso (2 shots) & 100ml milk – 2(0.33) + 0.08 = 0.74

1 normal supermarket banana (at 68p/kg) – 0.14

1 crumpet & butter – 0.14 + 0.02 = 0.16


This Monday – breakfast:  

6g instant coffee + 100ml milk – 0.12 + 0.09 = 0.21

1 Brick Lane banana – 0.07


Last Monday – lunch:

2 courses at the fantastic Pizarro (grilled sardines; roast hake) – 17

1 glass Manzanilla sherry – 4


*Disclaimer: I was on annual leave Mon-Weds last week, hence the ability to eat out for a truly lovely weekday lunch. I don’t quite have the sort of day job that would allow this to happen on a daily basis. Fortuitous timing though – more moolah for me to match for Action Against Hunger.


This Monday – lunch: 

Funny how a decent camera can make this look so appetising

Funny how a decent camera can make this look so appetising. 

1 portion fried rice with Sainsbury’s cheapest Basics bacon and mixed veg – 0.18

1 Brick Lane apple – 0.08

Tap water – 0.00


Last Monday – dinner:

Pork shoulder + ragu + penne + spinach – 0.75 + 0.25 + 0.2 + 0.38 = 1.58

1 glass Malbec (£10/750ml) – 1.67

2 squares dark chocolate – 0.25

Homemade Earl Grey soufflé – 0.30


This Monday – dinner

More of the same

More of the same

1 portion fried rice with Sainsbury’s cheapest Basics bacon and mixed veg – 0.18

Tap water – 0.00


Total spend last Monday = £25.84

Total spend this Monday = £0.89 (below budget! YES!!)



Peekture time.

Of all the 365 days of the year, the Tube station closest to work HAS to issue a food-related Quote of the Day today.

Two thoughts.

1) That kind of sums up today. A vast stretch of unending hungry nothingness… 😦

2) But more importantly, one is reminded that there are 30p jam doughnuts at Beigel Bake. Hoho. If I keep going with the savings I may just be able to afford one this Wednesday. Hmm!! Time for some careful plotting.

More tomorrow. Eat well everyone. I know I’m trying to!

Jo x


One Response to “Day 1: The Day with No Beginning, No End, And No Middle”

  1. harri8here April 16, 2013 at 6:48 am #

    Love your peekture … a Wednesday doughnut is surely on the cards. Keep going!

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